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8th WFWPI internship at the UN in Geneva- interacting with the 25th Human Rights Council

Jimin is a 25 years-old korean peace and human right activist who just finished an NGO internship project at UN Office Geneva. She attended the Human Right Council at United Nations in March 2015 where she learned and discovered the bitter situation of so many women in many parts of the world: forced marriage, sex traficking, etc... She then decided to realize this 12 minutes video message to share what she felt in herself, facing such contradiction between the dreams we all have have and cherish, and the heartbreaking reality so many fellow human beings are facing. A big thanks to Carolyn Handschin Director of the UN Office for WFWPI. (Web site: and the other interns who contributed to this so enriching experience, may you enjoy this movie. If you wish, please write your comments directly to her:

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