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WFWP Scotland/UK held two sessions together with the Citadel Youth Centre

Sushi making After one year, Citadel youth centre invited WFWP Scotland back for a Sushi making session on Friday 21st November from 2 pm to 4 pm. This time they wanted 10 people to try Sushi rolling and 20 people to taste it. Because we had limited time, we prepared most of the ingredients beforehand and we did only the necessary cooking in the kitchen. It was very nice to see some of the staff, and young and elderly people again. A teenage boy, Conner, helped cool down the Sushi rice this year again. It seems that people had more knowledge about Sushi this time. People chose different kinds of prepared ingredients and made their favourite Sushi rolls. We sliced them and people enjoyed them together with soy sauce and wasabi. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Origami workshop The Youth Centre also asked WFWP Scotland to teach Origami this year. Three Japanese members went back there on Friday 5th December from 2 pm to 4 pm to teach Origami. A couple of teenagers were ready for it at the beginning. Eventually some adults came in and then elderly people came in, so we ended up as three groups. Everybody tried making a box and later a flying bird. After they made one, they wanted to try it by themselves. The elderly people were so happy making many boxes. Some advanced people made a star as well. Everyone happily took them home.

Reported by Keiko Fraser-Harris, WFWP Scotland

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