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WFWP Linz-Upper-Austria Report

Mrs. Jorun Schölzl gave a presentation to introduce her homeland Norway including a PPT and many pictures of beautiful landscapes and sceneries of polar light (aurora borealis), fjords with salmon farms and swimming whales along the cliffs as well as nomadic people of Lapland with their reindeers. Jorun also presented pictures of her happy childhood. The room was full of objects, like dolls in Norwegian look, embroidery, knitted jackets, magazines and books. She even taught us to sing an old Norwegian folk song. On top of this, Jorun had prepared a succulent buffet with plenty of healthy food - of course all Norwegian specialties.

The audience was captivated by the words and warm-hearted radiance of Jorun and Mona, her daughter. It was a beautiful, harmonious fellowship.

33 persons were present.

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