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WFWP Tirana/Albania,Children’s Day with Orphaned Children,Tirana

"On the occasion of International Children’s Day on June 1st, 2015, WFWP Tirana/Albania participated in two events in support of both Roma and orphaned children and co-sponsored gifts for them. In the morning we joined a festive kinder party at the premises of the Ombudsman Office, sponsored by that institution. A representative of the Office first greeted the Roma and orphaned children, which was followed by games, music and a beautiful banquet table with fruits and sweets. After the official event, gift bags were distributed to 15 Roma children and food was donated for their daycare center, run by Mrs. Meleqe Renja, Ambassador for Peace. Gift bags were prepared with great care by Mrs. Ina Malhani, another big hearted Peace Ambassador, who traditionally does this twice a year, both for Children’s Day and for Christmas and New Year. Mrs. Malhani is a faithful Catholic believer and charity worker, who saves money from her modest income in order to sponsor these gifts. We were very happy to support her efforts.

In the afternoon, we visited, again with Mrs. Malhani, a daycare center for orphaned children run by a local NGO. There we were joyfully greeted by a group of around 25 children aged 3 to 17 years old, who prepared a wonderful program made of songs, dances and poems. We were very moved by their performance and bright smiling faces and also felt how much they need love and attention as they were all very eager to get hugs. Besides gift bags which we distributed to the children, Mrs. Malhani also offered her piano to the children center. We hope we can expand on such efforts in the future."

Reported by Katarzyna Minollari WFWP President Albania

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