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WFWP Hungary, Non-Violent Communication, Budapest

06-19-15 hungary.jpg

WFWP Hungary held our Afternoon Club about „Nonviolent Communication” (NVC) on 5 December, 2014. We started with a short introduction on WFWP and then we had a lecture given by Eva Rambala who is an International NVC trainer. Eva is passionate about working for peace and happily accepted our invitation, even offering her NVC lecture free of charge.

It was wonderful for all of us to learn and think how much do “I” really pay attention to others, truly listen to others, and, beyond their words, understand the hearts and needs of those I am interacting with. If we really relate to others with more sensibility, we may avoid so much unnecessary stress, hurt and resentment.

We had compiled a selection of parts of Mrs. Moon’s speeches from July 2012 and shared them. I’m very grateful for the help and support we received directly or indirectly for our Afternoon Club.

Parisa Nagy WFWP President, Hungary

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