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WFWP Slovakia -“What type of SexEducation do our Children need?”

Our aim was to inform parents and teachers about non adequate sex education and sex

education text books which is in the process of preparation by some progressive activists

group for our schools and to show reasons why such type of sex education is not good for

our children and youth. We invited experts from the field of school education, psychology

and medicine to discuss these important topics and answer questions from teachers and

parents and wide public.

The event was attended by four panellists – experts in their fields.

Mrs. Ing Ľubica Magnússon, a high school pedagogue and the president of WFWP

Slovakia, commented on the newly created sex education textbooks, made on the

basis of the WHO document, International Standards for Sexuality Education in

Europe. In contrast to these Standards, we have a curriculum for “Marriage and

Parenthood Education” in Slovakia, which was approved by the Ministry of

Education in the nineties, as well as textbooks for ethical education. She thinks that

it would be enough to modernize and update the curriculum for current times and

needs and it would be a very suitable educational material.

Mr. Mgr. Richard Vereš, who has been teaching the „Freedom and (- or)

Responsibility“ program for many years, shared his experience from work and

conversations with teenagers. He also presented a survey he had conducted among

students. The students expressed their interest in the topics presented by him and

responded positively to the stimuli leading to restraint, responsibility, loyalty and

building a long-term and healthy relationships.

Mrs. PaedDr. Renáta Ocilková shared with the audience methods and ways how to

talk with young people about the identity of a man and a woman, hormonal changes

during adolescence and how these changes affect the young organism, their

personality and psychological perceptions. She recommends young people not to

make hasty and irreversible transgender decisions and thus to avoid lifelong

traumatic consequences.

Mrs. Prof. MUDr. Mariana Mrázová, spoke about the supportive and psychologically

healthy upbringing of children in the first part of her speech, and in the second part,

she described the possible negative effects of long-term use of hormonal

contraception and the dangers of the chemical abortion pill from a medical expert's

point of view.

All four panel presentations aroused the interest and discussion of the present

guests. The school psychologist from the grammar school in Nitra mentioned that

the incidence of gender identity confusion among students is increasing nowadays,

it is strongly supported by social networks and the influence of the media, and

therefore she welcomes a deeper and more professional discussion on the topic of

transsexualism and transitions. The headmaster of the secondary school from Nitra

expressed her interest in inviting the lecturers to her school, in order students could

also hear the comprehensive information on these topics.

We consider it useful and beneficial to continue such types of activities in the future


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