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India:Women's Challenges For Security,Rights,Empowerment,Equality

Women's Federation for World Peace Int'l organized a side event/panel this month at the United Nations in Geneva in coordination with the 23rd Session of the Human Rights Council. It was held under the title: "INDIA: WOMEN'S CHALLENGES FOR SECURITY, RIGHTS, EMPOWERMENT, EQUALITY" Following the brutal rape of 16 December, 2013 and the global outcry, Dr. Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury was appointed by the Indian government as Chairperson, Special Task Force on Rape, Trafficking and Violence against Women. She is also the WFWP President in India. She came to Geneva, invited by WFWPI to tell about her work . Other panelists include a speaker from the World Health Organization, a local young activist and international NGO that monitors women's human rights. Dr. Chaudhury described the influences of culture, tradition, poverty, but is convinced that it is only through empowering and returning dignity to parents and family that the problems can be solved, and eventually prevented. She believes that in order for change to occur -> family education is needed and -> women must be allowed to take leadership roles in influential positions such as parliament

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