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WFWP Spain, Friendship Breakfast, Madrid/Spain,

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On the 6th of June of 2015, a large group of women gathered for a breakfast at our headquarters to celebrate our friendship and the work done over 20 years.

Since the founding of our NGO, we have organized a vast number of programs that range from workshops on personal growth to huge events of sisterhood and bridges of peace between diverse cultures, going through round tables, conferences, seminars and charity events.

All those events had one sole purpose: to improve our capacity to understand and serve others.

Personal relationships and friendship have been the greatest resources that we have been able to experience and build up over all these years.

Around the breakfast we developed an stimulating program, as a gift, with the colaboration of Tina Lindhard, who based on her expertise led us into a short meditation; then Blanca del Castillo, an actress and instructor of Bio-dance, told us an amusing tale, and María Villarroya, poetess and singer, closed the gathering on a high and heartfelt note singing two pieces of beautiful songs written by her. The three of them highlighted the idea that all is in our hands to be accomplished and most specially our own personal growth and our desire to serve the world.

We are very grateful to all who made this beautiful gathering possible."

Reported by Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Spain

ASOCIACIÓN DE MUJERES POR LA PAZ MUNDIAL Ronda de Segovia 50 28005 Madrid 91 3660068

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