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WFWP Portugal: “Concepts of Diplomacy”

WFWP Portugal took advantage of the support offered by our Ambassador for Peace, Dr. Filomena Malalane, a Mozambican Diplomat in Portugal, to hold a lecture on the theme “Concepts of Diplomacy”. WFWP and UPF Portugal joined forces for this event which took place on 29 August 2015 in the Peace Embassy in Barcarena, Portugal. The main lecture was given by Drª. Malalane, and we also had a supporting lecture on coaching by Mija Pawlick,

This was a challenge that was necessary, timely and rewarding. We undertook this initiative in order to help overcome difficulties in inviting diplomatic and public figures to our high-profile events, as well as with regards to public speaking.

We had 17 people participating in this seminar (Members and Ambassadors for Peace) and we learned many valuable lessons about the procedures to invite heads of state and prominent figures. One of the big challenges for many of us proved to be to master public speaking with conviction and confidence. These are real difficulties that can block all our work. To assist us with this, Mijá Pawlick helped us with her session on building self-esteem and self-confidence when speaking publicly.

The chairman of FFWPU, Dr. Sergio Vieira, also gave a wonderful presentation.

During the event we took some photos, and we finished with some refreshments. We would like to thank Drª. Filomena Malalane and Drª Mija Pawlick, and promise them that we are going to honor their efforts, take advantage of all the tips left and the tools and recommendation given by them for our work.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us to make this event possible - supporters and participants, Members and Ambassadors for Peace. Thanks to everybody.

Marta de Carvalho WFWP President Portugal

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