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WFWP Ireland - Starting Strong Together – Celebratory Event & Empowerment Workshop

The Women's Federation for World Peace Celebratory Event and Empowerment Workshop in Ireland was truly amazing! From March 29th to March 30th, 2024, we came together at the beautiful Bellinter House Hotel and Spa, joined by our wonderful European President Mrs. Mitty Tohma, we enjoyed a special experience that left a lasting impression….

We started by unwinding in the sauna, jacuzzi, and outdoor pool, treating ourselves to relaxing spa services. The opening ceremony was touching, and the award-winning meal was a delicious treat for all.


In the morning, we gathered for inspirational readings and learned about balancing our energy through kinesiology demonstrations….


We delved into the WFWP's goals for 2024, sharing our thoughts and took part in the empowering 'Peace Starts with Me' workshop…. We discovered effective ways to release stress, practiced Ho'oponopono for healing and forgiveness, and found a sense of unity and purpose.


We celebrated the outstanding contributions to World Peace made by the previous Presidents of WFWP Ireland, Mrs. Muriel Molloy, who opened the Irish chapter in 1993 and Mrs. Doris McCann, who led the chapter for the last 12 years.  We officially welcomed the current President Mrs. Amanda Toumanguelov and Vice President Mrs. Carol Brunnock Kim as they launch some exciting new projects for our Irish Chapter inspired by WFWP Global Goals 2024:

· Women, Peace & Security,

· Women’s Leadership Through Global Women’s Peace Network

· Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability.


This event was a celebration of unity, inspiration, and personal growth. It brought us closer together and filled our hearts with hope for a brighter, more peaceful future as we stand stronger together. 


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