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Mommy Matters WFWP - ongoing zoom event

Mommy Matters is a safe space for mothers of young children (up to 6 years old) to share their heart and their experiences, as well as to receive advice and support from each other! This is a project born from the cooperation between Lynnda Houston and Deborah Cali-Matsugane. They are qualified professional coaches and they have a strong passion and desire to support mothers in their everyday life’s adventures. You have likely heard the expression: "It takes a village to raise a child", and even though most parents agree that it is true, mothers are often left with the primary caretaker responsibility, feeling isolated, disconnected and unsupported.

Many of us live away from their own families and don’t have the support we need and deserve, so we want to create a virtual village that can empower and give us strength.

This circle is designed to be a safe space to air frustrations, get tools, support and connect with other mothers and to be able to show up in the most important role as mom with renewed energy. Register now for this great opportunity and join us for an unforgettable experience!

All the best,



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